Alan Vane


Alan has a Bachelor of Laws gained at the University of Auckland in 1974. He was admitted as a barrister and solicitor in 1975. Alan also holds a Diploma in International Legal Studies and Jurisprudence gained from the University of Salzburg in 1980 during his European OE.

Originally from

Alan was born and raised in Auckland attending Rangitoto College and continued on to the University of Auckland.

Started his career

Alan began his career in 1975 at the firm of Nicolson Gribbin, the predecessor of Philips Fox, in Auckland where he worked for three years.

He left there on his OE and worked for the Greater London Council as in house solicitor for a further three years. GLC employed over 25,000 employees and had a legal department of 500 lawyers. Alan worked in the High Court and arbitration division with the work largely concerned with building and development issues. Some of the Council housing projects involved construction of 10,000 houses. He also worked on construction disputes over the Thames flood barrier.

Arrived in Taupō

After returning from his OE Alan applied for a position at Le Pine & Co in Taupō and was asked to attend an interview during the Christmas holiday period. He changed into his suit in the Wairakei forest, met with Marian Glazewski for the interview, then back to Wairakei forest, out of his suit and continued his holiday. That worked, he was offered the position and is still with us.

Work areas

Alan works in dispute resolution. He likes to have a choice of methods available and to choose the one offering the best advantage to his client. This may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration or resorting to the Court.

His areas of specialist expertise are local government, resource management, infrastructure developments, civil litigation and employment. He advises four local authorities in the Central North Island as well as private clients.  More recently he has been acting as Chairman of the Thames Coromandel District Licensing Committee, making decisions on alcohol licencing applications for the Thames Coromandel District.

How did he start in these areas?

The origins of Alan’s dispute resolution and town planning practice were with Nicholson Gribbin in 1975. There he was very fortunate to work with some very able senior lawyers, one of whom later became a High Court Judge. He has always had an interest in management of natural and physical resources and the sustainable management philosophy contained in the Resource Management Act is one which he readily associates with.

What does he enjoy about his work?

Strategic management of an issue resulting in successful outcomes for clients is very satisfying for Alan.

Things which catch his imagination

Alan likes to understand the big picture and respond to it accordingly. He has a pretty strong view that in life for every action there is a reaction. He likes picking out order from chaos and steering a course to safety.

Areas of Expertise

Local Government and Resource Management

Dispute Resolution and Court Work


Liquor Licensing


Commercial &
Business Law Advice
Commercial &
Residential Property
Estate & Trust
Safety & Health