Our History

For over 60 years Le Pine & Co has been offering legal services to the people and businesses of Taupō and the Central Plateau, becoming the largest practice in Taupō and one of the leading law firms in the region.

The name "Le Pine" originates from one of the firm's earlier partners, Raymond Horton "Tiny" Le Pine who was a partner in the Napier firm Le Pine Morrissey & McParland in the 1940s.

Tiny Le Pine had a bach in Taupō and visited frequently from the 1930s. There were no solicitors in Taupō (apart from a retired solicitor Garnet Arrowsmith who no longer practiced) and Tiny Le Pine was increasingly called upon to establish an office in Taupō.

He decided to do so in 1953 when it was anticipated a Borough would be established in place of the Taupō Town Board. The Borough was finally constituted under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1954.

In 1953 an 1880s cottage in Heu Heu Street was acquired by the partners of the firm (then called "R H Le Pine & Co") and opened initially as a branch office of the Napier firm. Under the guidance of its Taupō partners the office later became an independent legal practice.

The 'Le Pine' name has now been associated with the practice of law in Taupō for over 60 years, and reflects the standing of Le Pine & Co as one of Taupō's early pioneering businesses.

The reputation of Le Pine & Co is largely attributable to the constant, the name "Le Pine", and the long service and commitment of both John Corry and Marian Glazewski. John's association going back to 1953 and Marian's to 1970. John passed away on 11 June 2011. Marian recently passed away on 16 May 2014.

In 2003, the firm celebrated 50 years of continuous service to clients in the Central North Island area. While other firms have come and gone through this time, Le Pine & Co has been a constant presence, acting for many of the original settler families. In many ways the growth of Le Pine & Co and Taupō and the Central Plateau have paralleled each other.

Today Le Pine & Co continues with a forward looking spirit, but with a special regard for its role in Central Plateau commerce and communities and the contributions made to the practice by its staff and valued clients over many years.

John Corry

The partners and staff lost a dear colleague in John Corry, who passed away on Saturday 11 June 2011. John aged 83 founded the Le Pine & Co Taupō office in 1953.

John was a relentless advocate for his clients and had a passion for the law and this firm. John worked and participated in firm activities until May 2011. His contribution to the spirit of our office and the individual support he gave is a great loss.  A part of Taupō’s history has gone with him.

The following is adapted from John's website profile prepared approximately 1 year before he passed away.


LLB Victoria University 1952. Notary Public.

John was appointed a Notary Public by the Court of Faculties, London in 1956. At the time it seemed more than coincidental that he was appointed as a Notary shortly after a director of the Rolls Royce company visited Taupō to fish and was put to some inconvenience by the absence of a resident Notary.

Started his career

John began his career at the Head Office Legal Services of the State Advances Corporation while studying for his degree. After completing his degree John worked at Le Pine, Morrisey & McParland in Napier. This involved travelling to Taupō on Court days as there was no permanent solicitor in Taupō. John came to Taupō on a permanent basis in 1955.

John has also worked overseas where he sat as a Magistrate in the Hong Kong courts for 3 years. On returning to New Zealand John practiced from home in Atiamuri for clients in Taupō and Rotorua before returning to Le Pine & Co.

Areas of practice

Over his many years at Le Pine & Co John built up a large and varied practice. In some instances he acted for families over 5 generations. He continued to assist clients in a variety of property and business areas up until May 2011. John maintained a substantial Maori Land Court practice for which he was recognised in the region.

Reflections on the law

The practice of law has changed since John started. He recalled that the role of a lawyer was more of a vocation and that due to the pressures of modern society the practice of law has changed to be less so now.

What he enjoyed about his work

John enjoyed his work. He had close relationships with his clients and enjoyed the continued contact and the opportunity to help in times of need. There was nothing John liked more than careful reading of the law to find the winning solution.


Marian Glazewski

Sadly, our long-term business colleague and friend Marian Glazewski passed away on Friday 16 May. 

It is common in obituaries for lawyers to praise soundness of judgment, academic and technical excellence, unswerving dedication to serving client interests, integrity and honesty, fearless advance of client cases, and substantial and never ending, and quite often free, contributions to community organisations and causes.

Marian Glasewski had all those qualities and more.   He was a remarkable and dedicated solicitor, friend, and a truly most gentle man who unhesitatingly and selflessly lent his wisdom, guidance and mentoring to many of the solicitors practicing in Taupo, whether at Le Pine & Co or not.

That said, life was not without challenges for Marian.  Starting I suspect from being born in Germany in the aftermath of World War II.  Perhaps that start in life and the humble Polish family in which he was raised in New Zealand imbued Marian with a relentless drive for perfection and order, characteristics that dominated his professional and personal life, for those that knew or had dealings with him (his “reminder tickler box” system was a marvel to behold).

The same drive saw him overcome personal issues later in his life but sadly, despite Marian’s best efforts could not overcome the cancer which ultimately claimed him.

Marian, your wisdom, calmness, humility, professionalism, friendship, guidance and support will be sadly missed by all of us at Le Pine & Co. You have left a model for all of us to aspire to, and through three of your five children, who are now lawyers, you have left a legacy to the legal profession as a whole.


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